Rosemarie Waldrop and Keith Waldrop

ISBN: 0-942996-30-5
$14.00 • 92 pp. • 1998

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When Rosemarie Waldrop wites poetry, when she writes poems, she writes her poems: the poetry of Rosemarie Waldrop. When Keith Waldrop writes poetry, when he writes poems, he writes his poems: the poetry of Keith Waldrop. But when Rosemarie and Keith, when Keith and Rosemarie write poems together, whose are those poems? They are the poems of a third poet, whose name and gender and origin and language we do not know. But what we do see, and hear, are the poems.
—Jacques Roubaud

Rosemarie Waldrop was born in Kitzingen am Main, Germany, in 1935. She has studied at Wuerzburg, Freiburg, Aix-Marseille and Michigan Universities, earning her Ph.D. in 1966. She has lived in the United States since 1958. She is co-editor and publisher of Burning Deck Press with her Keith Waldrop. She is the author of more than three dozen books of poetry, fiction, and criticism, most recently her trilogy Curves to the Apple: The Reproduction of Profiles, Lawn of Excluded Middle, Reluctant Gravities (2006), and a collection of essays, Dissonance (2005). She has translated more than twenty books, including works by Paul Celan, Elke Erb, Joseph Guglielmi, Emmanuel Hocquard, Friederike Mayröcker, Jacques Roubaud, and Alain Veinstein. She received the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award for her 1993 rendering of The Book of Margins by Edmond Jabès. She has taught at Wesleyan University and, as occasional visitor, at Tufts and Brown. She currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Keith Waldrop is author of numerous collections of poetry and is the translator of The Selected Poems of Edmond Jabes, as well as works by Claude Royet-Journoud, Anne-Marie Albiach and Jean Grosjean. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and DAAD (Berlin). His titles include Hegel’s FamilyThe Opposite of Letting the Mind Wander: Selected Poems and a few SongsShipwreck in Haven: Transcendental StudiesThe Balustrade, Light While There is Light, The Locality PrincipleAnalogies of Escape and Haunt. He has twice been nominated for the National Book Award: for his first book of poetry.  With his wife Rosmarie Waldrop he co-edits Burning Deck Press. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and teaches at Brown University.