Amin Khan

ISBN: 978-0-942996-75-3
$12.00 • 62 pp. • 2012
Translated from the French
by Dawn-Michelle Baude

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“Deeply internal, striking an intricate, inventive intimacy, and yet at the same time, expansively external, conjuring an environment we can smell and feel as well as see, this vivid collection is so spare that it shows the bones of experience. Khan’s meticulous phrasings also show us how language thinks that experience into a multiplication of itself—which is multiplied yet again as the poems leap from French to English. Baude’s exacting and seamless translation does what all translation dreams of doing: it lets us think with a different mind.”
—Cole Swenson

“Amin Khan proposes a poetry without illusions & in need of a tabula rasa—ambitious work that wants to reinvent a space of writing (& breathing). Weary of earlier generations’ lyrical excesses, Khan thrives on the quasi-laconic statement (‘for him who travels / there is no sadness // there are blades in the heart / and traces in the sky / that are birds’), & proposes a language conscious of, & carefully focused on, its own movements, as in the brilliantly explorative Vision of the Return of Khadija to Opium: ‘you silence me to myself injured body by chance blind tracing common aches tears births like light in the heart of the accident of the fatal rhythm…” —Pierre Joris

Amin Khan was born in Algiers during the Algerian War of Independence in 1956.  He grew up in a revolutionary family, writing poetry, and nurturing interests in philosophy and politics. Studies at the University of Algiers, the University of Oxford and the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris followed. As a diplomat and international civil servant, he held positions at the United Nations (New York), The World Bank (Washington, D.C.) and UNESCO in Paris, where he now lives with his family. His books include Les Mains de Fatma (Sned 1982) and Archipel Cobalt (MLD 2010), as well as the forthcoming Arabian blues (MLD 2012). He is the winner of the Prix de Poésie “François Coppée” de l’Académie française 2012 and Le Prix Méditerranée Nikos Gatsos 2012 for his book, Arabian Blues.

Dawn Michelle Baude is an international author, educator and Senior Fulbright Scholar with seven volumes of poetry, including Egypt (The Post-Apollo Press, 2001) and Finally: A Calendar (Mindmade, 2009). She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she authors the blog, Mind in Vegas.