Joanne Kyger

ISBN: 978-0-942996-40-1
$10.00 • 24 pp. • 2000

In Some Lifewe have the distilled, rigorous play of a particular and recognizable mind, an old friend, quite there…She is both teacher and student of her own mind and the world—a longtime interpolation through which these words, left like footprints on the page, both trace and produce moments of contemplation.
Susan Noel from “Some Choice: Notes On Reading Joanne Kyger”

Kyger inhabits a singular verbal space as engaging and essential as it is offhand and self-questioning. Her latest continues to aim for a poetics that comes close as possible to actual existence and everyday spiritual practice.
Publisher’s Weekly

A native California writer, Joanne Kyger is the author of more than 20 books of poetry. She is known for her ties to the poets of Black Mountain College, the San Francisco Renaissance, and the Beat Generation. Her most recent books are About Now: Collected Poems, 1957-2004 (2007) and Not Veracruz(2007). She taught for many years at Naropa University’s poetics program, and The New College of San Francisco. She lives on the coast north of San Francisco.