Joyce Mansour

ISBN: 0-942996-25-9
$12.00 • 80 pp. • 1995
Translated from the French by Serge Gavronsky

“Born in England and raised in Cairo, Mansour wrote in Paris where her work was embraced by the French Surrealists. Her poetry has largely been ignored by American collections of surrealist and/or French poetry to date; hopefully this new translation will go some distance towards changing that. The collection comprises a number of short staccato ‘screams’ containting sharp images of the body, blood, madness violence, and nightmarish dreams…Anyone familiar with the work of French feminists theorists like Helene Cixous or Julia Kristeva will find much of interest in Mansour’s poetry.”
—R. Schlegl

Joyce Mansour  (1928-1986) was born Joyce Patricia Adès, in Bowden, England to Jewish-Egyptian parents. She lived in Cairo where she first came in contact with Parisian surrealism and then moved to Paris in 1953 where she became the best known Surrealist woman poet, author of 16 books of poetry, as well as a number of important prose and theatre pieces.

Serge Gavronsky  is Professor of French at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is the author of numerous creative and critical works and is a well-known translator of contemporary French poetry.