Mary Angeline

ISBN: 978-0-942996-22-7
$12.00 • 158 pp. • 1994

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“Mary Angeline’s poems seem to be on their way from this world to some other. A dark and fascinating journey. They catch, by little more than a blur of motion, the body’s fall into spirit.”
—Keith Waldrop

Precise Intrigues has the rigorous murmur of a needle stitching a tapestry where each line adheres to a necessary trajectory…Once again, we are reminded that language is the ordering structure of how we come to know, and changing that order changes what we know.”
—Ann Lauterbach

“Vision—the ability to see but also to interpret thereby—and Providence—the ascription of beneficent meanings to what is seen. These are the two eyes out of which Mary Angeline looks in these brilliant, spare lyrics.”
—Michael Davidson

Mary Angeline is the recipient of a national poetry award and Gertrude Stein award for innovative poetry. She has taught literature and writing at Chatham College, Carnegie Mellon, Naropa University and Brown University.