Issa Makhlouf

Poetry / Translation
Translated by Alicia F. Lam
ISBN: 978-0-942996-85-2
$18.00 • 128 pp. • 2015

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In Mirages, Issa Makhlouf mingles thought, observation and meditation to develop themes of travel and absence, violence and beauty to question nature, its creatures and mysteries.

“We leave to unknown destinies. To tell those we have met that we will return to resume our relationship. We leave to learn the language of the trees which never leave. To polish the jingling bells in the sacred valleys. To search for more merciful gods. To remove the mask of exile from foreigners. To confide to passers-by that, like them, we are also passers-by, and that our permanence in memory and oblivion is ephemeral, far away from mothers who light candles of absence and shorten the span of time every time they raise their hands to heaven…”

Issa Makhlouf is a Lebanese writer and poet living in Paris. He holds a Doctorate in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the Sorbonne University. He was special adviser for social and cultural affairs at the United Nations, New York (the sixty-first session of the General Assembly, 2006-2007). At present, he is the News Director of the Radio Orient News Division in Paris. He has translated many literary texts into Arabic from both French and Spanish. His work has been translated into French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek and Japanese.

Alicia F. Lam is Venezuelan-born biologist currently residing in New York City.