Anne-Marie Albiach

ISBN: 978-0-942996-11-1
$12.95 • 164 pp. • 1988
Second Edition
Translated from the French by Josef Simas, with Lydia Davis, Anthony Barnett and Douglas Oliver

There is no other poetry like this in the world. Even at its most difficult, its passions are mesmerizing. It is a great triumph to have carried these extraordinary pages into the English language.
—Paul Auster

Here is the poet for whom the voice itself rings in its silent echo, reaching ever farther into the constancy of reflection, ever further into something unknown, unknowable, frightening…
—Gale Nelson, Cathay

It is a book of fourteen poems…which seem to be a meditation on an already-distanced interior drama, a kind of passion both in the sensual and in the suffering senses.
—Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Temblor

Anne-Marie Albiach, born in 1937, is a contemporary French poet and translator. With Claude Royet-Journoud and Michel Couturier, she co-edited the magazine Siécle a mains, where she first published her translation of Louis Zukofsky’s “A-9”. Her English publications include Figured Image, published by The Post-Apollo Press in 2006. Vocative Figure (1986) and Etat (1988). She translated Poème de mémoire by Keith Waldrop in 1982.  She is one of the most important French poets writing today.