Steve Dickison

ISBN: 978-0-942996-62-3
$15.00 • 56 pp. • 2007

NCIBA book of the year nominee and named “Poet to Watch”

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In a polyphonic rhythm Disposed picks you up and holds you. This series of 19 poems pops and snaps with a day’s tattoo, registering the patterns of interference and exchange between the inner atmosphere of the mind and the external pressure of the moment. Dickison’s line is a groove, asking you to double back, slide through, on to the reverberating end of each intricately layered composition. In Disposed, now is a weather, seductive, volatile, and dazzling with flashes of articulated experience. When you step into its vernacular crackle, the whole place sings.

“I’m hooked on just how he attaches
those jazzical slices of the current dense.
Listen her eand know that ceaseless
connection of the Poem Most High.”
Clark Coolidge

“‘Palpable,’ as one is titled: astute, uncalculated thought. ‘The scattered nature of reality’ [Spicer, from the epigraph] coalesces as dream does when it wakes to itself as dream. As though the dead spoke through each instance, seen from here as experience, in a language utterly strange: more intimate than’s usually bearable.”
Sarah Menefee

A poet and writer, Steve Dickison is editor and publisher of the poetry press Listening Chamber, and with David Meltzer, co-edited Shuffle Boil, an occasional music magazine with poet, artist, and musician contributors. He is director of The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives at San Francisco State University. He teaches at San Francisco State University and at California College of the Arts. Wear You to the Balla poetry-sound collaboration with composer Bill Dietz, was performed in May 2009 in London and Berlin. He lives in San Francisco.