Emmanuel Hocquard

ISBN: 978-0-942996-39-5
$10.00 • 37 pp. • 1999
Translated from the French
by Ray Di Palma and Juliette Valéry

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Emmanuel Hocquard, whether in fiction (Aerea in the Forests of Manhattan) or poetry (Theory of Tables), has always shied from the notion that what one says must really say something else and writes ‘directly from the circumstance.’ The elegance and authority of his work comes from a perfect union of perception and grammar.
—Keith Waldrop

Emmanuel Hocquard was born in 1940 & grew up in Tangiers. He is the author of, in English, Aerea in the Forests of ManhattanTheory of TablesThis Story Is Mine: Little Autobiographical Dictionary of ElegyA Test of Solutide: Sonnets& Personae. He has also translated the work of Charles Reznikoff, Paul Auster, Michael Palmer, & Benjamin Hollander into French. He is a director of Un bureau sur l’Atlantique, which serves as an association to further relationships between French & American poets.

Juliette Valery is a poet, video artist, translator and publisher. She lives in Bordeaux, where she directs, along with Emmanuel Hocquard, Un bureau sur l’Atlantique. She is also a member of the Royaumont Fondation, through which she publishes translations, anthologies, Format Americain + Le Gam books.

Ray Di Palma is the author of over forty collections of poetry and graphic art. His work has been widely published and has been translated into seven languages. His visual works (including artist’s books, collages, and prints) have been exhibited in numerous shows in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America, and in a solo show at the Stemplelplatt’s Gallery in Amsterdam. Two videos based on his book January Zero were made in France. He lives in New York City and teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His work has been seen at Art Institute of Chicago; Special Collections, University of California, San Diego; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; New York Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art.