Karl Roeseler

ISBN: 978-0-942996-37-1
$10.00 • 20 pp. • 1999

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Interview with Simone Fattal

After a first novel of insidious allure, Karl Roeseler has composed in Last Decade a brief series of poems that are no less seductive. Each is tantalizingly scattered across the page in resonant facets that seem to emerge from an invisible and intensly present ground, into which the reader is drawn with the delight of a cat exploring the wonders of darkness. This is an absorbing and scintillating book.
—Harry Matthews

Roeseler’s writing is always intricate, always deeply thoughtful, and always deeply human.
—Mac Williams

Karl Roesseler, is a writer, and a painter. He has exhibited his paintings widely and is the author of the novel, The Adventures of Gesso Martin (1994). He was also an editor and publisher of Trip Street Press. He lives in California.