Anne Waldman

ISBN: 978-0942996-81-4
$18.00 • 56 pp. • 2014

With Cover Art & Drawings by Etel Adnan

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In Anne Waldman’s JAGUAR HARMONICS, the voice of the Ayahuasca vine, a ‘person woven of sound’ speaks to the poet and us: ‘now you are quick, soon you will be dead’; ‘you can’t just go around killing and conquering persons’. And the poet asks herself, can we hear the ‘mammal stealth’ of these warnings? ‘The suffering on this land, what done to the indigenes?’ ‘Men miss out in the mission in the fission if not listening.’ Her listening creates a tesserae of sounds and languages for ‘poetry (to) blink you awake.’ A masterful web that compels us to ‘put away the scriptures of doom’ and ‘breathe in this world this time of cosmic night.’
—Cecilia Vicuña

“With Jaguar Harmonics, Waldman inhabits the mode of direct perceiver, augur, one with divine eye and ear–able to see and hear the harsh and subtle forms of the infintesimal pieces of the world system. This is Waldman communicating to us in ‘crepuscular power-mode,’ the value of each word first being located in herself, then creating an outbound intervention of perfectly tuned vibrations or ‘sound bands.’ This compact tour de force addresses other key concerns in Waldman’s poetics; what is it to heal? What makes a word powerful? There are few poets who can inhabit the states of mind necessary to manifest a work like this; one that shows us the way toward a new relationship with the universe and ebeing in it.”
—Stacy Szymascek

Anne Waldman is an internationally recognized poet, performer, editor, professor and cultural activist, having published over 40 books and small pres editions of poetry and poetics. She is the winner of the Shelley Memorial Award and the USA PEN Center Award for Poetry amd is a chancellor for The Academy of American Poets. With Allen Ginsberg, she co-founded The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University where she continues to curate the Summer Writing Program. She divides her time between Boulder, Colorado, and Greenwich Village, New York.

Etel Adnan is a world renowned painter and author of over twenty books of poetry, many of which were published by The Post-Apollo Press including her acclaimed novel Sitt Marie Rose, originally published by The Post-Apollo Press. She was recently named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres of France. She lives in Paris.