Anne Marie Albiach

ISBN: 978-0-942996-59-3
$18.00 • 94 pp. • 2006

Translated from the French by Keith Waldrop

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In Figured Image, Keith Waldrop has created perfectly lucid translations, making available to readers of English the most significant compilation of Anne-Marie Albiach’s work since her Mezza Voce (also from The Post-Apollo Press, 1988). Waldrop’s limpid immediacy negotiates with deliberate grace the complexities of Albiach’s lexicon.”
—Donald Wellman for Jacket number 32: April 2007

“Anne-Marie Albiach’s words are never alone on the page, having each other for company, just as they find here ideal companionship in Keith Waldrop’s translation. In Figurations de l’Image, Albiach pursues her rigorous investigation into the possibilities of measure, the perceptible, luminescence, vulnerability, memory, contour, ardor, breath, oscillation, remonstration, trajectory, disparity, abstraction, antecedence, disparity, refraction, trace, tapestry, rehearsal, reverberation, and the irreparable. In these poems, the figures refute image as they bank, relapse, surge, palsy, recollect. Albiach scores space to twine time, abjures rhyme to make blank shimmer in the mark.”
Charles Bernstein

Anne-Marie Albiach, born in 1937, is a contemporary French poet and translator. With Claude Royet-Journoud and Michel Couturier, she co-edited the magazine Siécle a mains, where she first published her translation of Louis Zukofsky’s “A-9”. Her English publications include “Vocative Figure” (1986) and Etat (1988). She translated Poème de mémoire by Keith Waldrop in 1982.  She is one of the most important French poets writing today.

Keith Waldrop is author of numerous collections of poetry and is the translator of The Selected Poems of Edmond Jabes, as well as works by Claude Royet-Journoud including Post-Apollo’s A Descriptive Method and Figured Image by Anne-Marie Albiach and Jean Grosjean. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and DAAD (Berlin). His titles include Hegel’s FamilyThe Opposite of Letting the Mind Wander: Selected Poems and a few Songs, Shipwreck in Haven: Transcendental Studies, The Balustrade, Light While There is Light, The Locality Principle, Analogies of Escape andHaunt. He has twice been nominated for the National Book Award: for his first book of poetry.  With his wife Rosmarie Waldrop he co-edits Burning Deck Press. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and teaches at Brown University.